Leather Furniture Custom Configurations & Designs for your Home

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Custom Configurations Perfect for your Home


Finding the perfect configuration and furniture pieces for your home can be a challenging project to take on as you start your search for new furniture.  There are many key factors for you to consider as you evaluate how to furnish your space and how to design your room so it can create the lasting impression you inspire for.  Architectural elements such as room shape, room size, ceiling height, ceiling style, windows size, window placement, and textual consistencies can all play into how you furnish the space.  It is equally important to factor in design elements such as color scheming, shapes, and room theme or era design replication to create what you always envisioned.  At this point of reading this article you are most likely overwhelmed by unanswered questions of what to do.  Well, you are in luck!  Be Seated Leather Furniture is here for you to find exactly what you always dreamed of.


It doesn’t matter if it is a living room, family room, theater room, game room or den we have tons of custom pieces to optimize your space exactly the way you want it.  See the image below to see an example of some of the piece options with one of our best-selling collections “Comfort Design”.  In this collection you can create a sofa or sectional, extended or conversational angled sofa’s, reclining or stationary pieces, sectional or sofa sleepers, chaise lounge sectionals, and other custom layouts.  Not only do you have custom piece options with the “Comfort Design” collection, but you can also choose from many different leathers, fifty-colors, several leg finishes, nail-head trim styles, and cushion comforts.   These customization’s allow you to perfectly address the design elements such as color scheming, design theme goals, and texture consistency.


Conversational Sectionals-sofas               Leather=Sectional-Sleepers


Most traditional big-box retailers in today’s furniture world will carry a collection in a sofa, loveseat, and chair combination without any layout options beyond that making it difficult to optimize your design and space.  To make matters worse, these collections from big-box retailers will only give you one or two colors to select from with no further customization options.  Yikes!  That is not beauty, that is a ham and cheese sandwich!  In today’s evolving world of home construction, and home design people are searching for more than just the normal sofa or sectional.  Today’s consumer is searching for something that can allow seating for everyone in the home, a design that they always dreamed wasn’t possible, and comfort to enjoy their smart devices in their home.

Red-natural-leather-full grain

At Be Seated Leather Furniture we have all you need in one place.  We are a bit different that your traditional furniture store.  We believe in service.  We believe in being the best we can for you.  Since our founding in 1995 our goal has been to bring the best product to our guest’s home at an exceptional value complimented with an extraordinary professional expertise and service to all our customers.  It’s just apart of who we are.

Be Seated Leather would like to give an special thank you to our leather expert Gino (Pictured Above).  Thanks to Gino’s superior insight we have been able to further enhance our design expertise.  Gino wanted us to add that his specialty in the world of design is color.   He states that his greatest inspiration for his body of work comes directly from an unconventional source – his pre-school coloring books.  There will be more to come from Gino the leather expert soon.  Stay tuned.

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